Our HID KitsOur Competitors
Durability: Long lasting stable color and no flicker Durability: Flickers and changes color over time
Bulb Protection: Shock Resistance Bulb Protection: No shock resistance
AC Ballast: Legal in car use, E-mark approval, safe and high quality. Global product liability Insurance approval DC Ballast: Illegal in car use, no E-mark approval, dangerous, poor quality, bulb life reduced
Bulb Life: AC Bulb = 3x longer life Bulb Life: DC Bulb = Poor life span
Basic Principle: Electricity flows in two directions, AC ballasts will reverse the polarity on the same electrode so the Positive Ions attracts to the other side and equally distribute the Ions Basic Principle: Electricity flows in one direction, DC ballasts will make positive Ions run to the negative side and cause it to get hotter and brighter on that side