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Bulb Types


If you vehicle requires one bulb for High beams and another bulb for Low beams, it means that your vehicle is equipped with Single Beam bulbs.

Single Beam Bulbs
  • Single Beam Bulbs trigger either the high or the low beams of your headlights, in this case you will need two kits to convert both beams. Both xenon light bulbs will work independently of each other.


If your vehicle uses a single bulb for both High and Low beams, you will need a Dual Beam bulb. Dual Beam bulbs are available in either Hi/Lo or Bi-Xenon Bulbs. Dual Beam Bulbs (Hi/Lo or Bi-Xenon) trigger both the high and the low beams of your headlights using a single bulb.

Hi/Lo Bulbs:

Hi/Lo Bulbs
  • Hi/Lo Bulbs convert your low beam into Xenon light and the high beam remains as standard halogen.

Bi-Xenon Bulbs:

Bi-Xenon Bulbs
  • Bi-Xenon Bulbs convert both the high and low beams into Xenon lightning using the same bulb.