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Installation Guide for Single Beam HID Headlights with Power Relay Harness

Package Contents

Below are the components included in your Single Beam HID Conversion Kit with a Power Relay Harness.

  1. Two (2) x Xenon HID Bulbs
  2. Two (2) x Ballast Ignitors (does not apply to our Moon Series 35W Canbus kits)
  3. Two (2) x Xenon HID Ballasts
  4. Two (2) x Ballast Adapters
  5. Two (2) x Factory Harness Adapters
  6. One (1) x Power Relay Harness
  7. Mounting Hardware, 3M Double-Sided Tape & Zip Ties

NOTE: This installation guide uses our Galaxy Series 55w Canbus HID kit.

Single Beam Installation Step 1

Installation Steps

Below are the simple steps to connect your plug and play HID Conversion Kit. 

  1. Connect the HID Bulbs to the Ignitors.
  2. Connect the Ignitors to the Ballasts (does not apply to our Moon Series 35W Canbus kits).
  3. Connect the round connector from the Ballasts to the Ballasts Adapters.
  4. Connect the female oval connector from Ballast Adapters to the male 2-pin connectors from the Power Relay Harness.
  5. Secure the positive and negative wires to the Battery. 
  6. Connect the female oval connector from the Power Relay Harness to the Factory Harness Adapter. 
  7. Plug the Factory Harness Adapter to your vehicle's OEM favtory connector.

NOTE: Only One (1) side of your vehicle's OEM factory connector will be connected to the Power Relay Harness. The other OEM factory connector will not be connected to anything.

Single Beam Installation Step 1

NOTE: The Factory Harness Adapter must be installed in this exact configuration for the HID conversion kit to function correctly. You will only use one Factory Harness Adapter with the Power Relay Harness. 

This is what the finished product will look like once all components are connected. 

Single Beam Installation Step 1


  • Never touch the bulb with your fingers because it might blemish it.
  • All vehicle with hard plastic headlight dust covers will need to drill a 1 inch hole to close and feed the wires through. A rubber grommet is included with all our bulbs to seal back the hole from moisture and water.
  • High voltage can easily give you an electric discharge or even burn you.
  • When turning the power of the bulb on and off, do not touch it.
  • Never look directly into the xenon bulb because the light emitted can be very bright and hurt your eyes.
  • If an accident occurs, make sure to shut the power supply off.
  • We do not take any responsibility if a customer attempts to assemble or disassemble parts that are broken.
  • If you ever need professional help for repairs or a replacement, make sure to visit your local garage.
  • Our products must stay away from any kind of flammable content such as Diluting Agents, Spray Paint, Paper, Oil, etc...
  • Never adjust your xenon lights to point upwards because you might diminish the visibility of other drivers on the road.
  • To avoid short circuiting your HID bulb, make sure to turn them on only once your vehicle has been started.